Take Advantage of Great Mobile Apps for Education

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When you get right down to it, our mobile devices are only as good as the apps we have running on them. Ever since Steve Jobs dropped the first iPhone on the world in 2007, developers have been churning out new and exciting apps that turn our devices into extremely powerful machines. Amongst the fray of the thousands of apps available for download are a large number of that are gaining attention of parents and educators alike. As a parent looking to find the best apps for your kids, we have compiled a couple of suggestions of some great apps that we’ve found, and a few sites that can be great resources.

Learn a New Language

Our favorite language app is by far Duolingo. Available across all platforms, this app makes learning a new language fun and easy. Users of all ages can enjoy playing the different games as you progress between categories and difficulty. Some of the available languages include Spanish, French, Turkish, and even Swedish. It is free to use and ridiculously hard to put down.

Learn to Code

In today’s world, learning a foreign language isn’t always enough to help get kids ahead. Learning how to write programming code from a young age can be fun as children create their own programs and designs. One of the best apps that we’ve come across is ScratchJr for Android. Kids follow the guide to write stories and programs with fun details.

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Where to Look for New Apps

One of the best places on the web that we have found for educational content is the Educational App Store. Based in the UK, they offer a very easy to use website for discovering new apps for your kids. They do a great job of breaking down into categories different apps for different ages, helping you to find the best apps for your kids.

For as general as it may sound, we also suggest taking a look through the Google Play app store. They can help you find the top apps in your area, as well as the wider global trends.

Keeping it Educational

When you start downloading these apps, you open up a brand new world of opportunity for your child or teen. It is important though to keep a few points in mind before you let your kids loose with these great toys.

These apps are built by design to be addictive. Developers want your kids to have a great time and not want to put down their device. This means that it can be important to place time limits on when it is ok to play games, versus dinner or bedtime when the device needs to be put aside. Apps can also be a distraction during school time. On the flip side, some educators may make use of these apps during the school day. Ask your child’s teacher about their preference for accessibility to the apps.

Not all of the apps out there are necessarily age appropriate for all of your kids. Outside of the educational section, there are tons of games and other type of apps that may have violence or other material that parents are uncomfortable with for their children. Certain material may be appropriate for one of your older kids but not for your younger ones.

Thankfully, there are solutions to these issues that can arise with downloading apps. NetSpark Mobile gives parents a powerful tool to take control of their kids’ devices and decide which apps they have access to and when. With time control settings that can be managed remotely from either your device or browser, you can choose which times when either specific, or all of the app are unavailable for use.

NetSpark Mobile also provides top rated content filtering in real-time to keep inappropriate material such as images of violence or nudity from coming through in-app browsing. This way kids can access the material they need while avoiding harmful content.
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