NetSpark Mobile Creates Value for Wireless Providers


Creating new revenue opportunities for ISPs and Wireless companies is increasingly challenging, with so many providers offering the same products, and very little to differentiate them from one another. Customers are hungry for new solutions to enhance their Internet experience but demand reliable service and innovation if they are going to pay extra charges, making revenue growth difficult even for savvy marketers. With over 80% of teens regularly using mobile devices, concerned parents are turning to their mobile carriers for ways to keep their kids safe and balance their devices with the rest of their lives. Thankfully NetSpark Mobile offers a set of easy to manage solution with unique capabilities that make it stand out in the market.

Providing Solutions for Concerned Parents

Use of mobile technology is fast outpacing parents’ ability to track their children’s usage both on and offline. While giving children a mobile device has become the new norm, providing parents with an easy way to communicate with their kids and give them access to the world around them, it also opens them up to a new range of risks and potential abuse. Parents are desperate for a comprehensive solution for limiting their child’s exposure to inappropriate content as well as the amount of time they spend using apps on their phones and tablets.

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NetSpark Mobile steps up in a big way to take on these challenges with its secure and easy to implement app for advanced content filtering. Using a unique quilting technology, the service goes beyond simply blacklisting suspicious web addresses, and is able to surgically remove offensive images, videos, and other content in real-time from within the loading page. This technology gives parents the peace of mind that their children are being protected while avoiding conflict at home by over compensating with heavy over-blocking by web security programs. Through the remote management software, settings for each individual device can be set up easily, even for those parents who do not have IT degrees. Not just for use in Internet browsers, the software can also reach into apps to monitor and filter content from within the apps to put more control back into the hands of parents.

NetSpark Mobile offers parents more than just high level content filtering. With the management system, they can set time limits for Internet surfing as well as the use of apps like Facebook, Twitter, and games among others. Social media and gaming if left unchecked can become a serious distraction to school work, family time, and even getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. The software lets parents set the schedule they want for their kids, giving them options to choose different levels of access to each child from the remote management system. Parents have the added confidence of knowing that once the software has been installed on a device, it is impossible to remove it even if the factory settings are reset.

An Ideal Offering for Wireless Carriers

Including NetSpark Mobile as an added service option for customers is a smart decision for wireless marketers. As an easy to manage app, it can help to build a comprehensive package for existing customers, increasing retention rates and providing an upsell opportunity to grow value. The app is compatible with all current devices running the Android OS, including both smartphones and tablets. Installation is fast and simple, and users receive excellent email support from a team of representatives ready to answer any questions they may have for using the app. To find out how NetSpark Mobile can help your company reach more customers and stand out against the competition, speak to us today for more information.

Download the #1 Parental Control App by NetSpark Mobile :