Netspark Mobile.

The Best
Internet Filter For
You & Your Family

Netspark Mobile.

The Best internet filter
for you & your family


Daily Active Users


of Israel’s Schools

20 billion+

Webpages, Images, and Videos Scanned Daily

The Features You need

Real-Time Online Filtering

Netspark Real Time Filtering

Netspark scans and filters all incoming pictures and videos (including streaming video) for inappropriate content. 


Netspark Inappropriate Image Prevent Screen

Prevent a device from sending and receiving inappropriate text, photos, and videos.

Screen Time Management

Screen time - Daily & weekly Netspakr

Limit screen time on specific devices with daily or weekly settings, and adjust schedules as needed. 

Filter Even
While Offline

Netspark Offline Filtering

On many Windows and Android devices, Netspark Mobile can filter offline content such as video and image files.


Netspark Personalized Settings

Block or allow specific websites or categories. Adjust filtering levels for certain users or devices. 

meeting you and your family's needs

Netspark Mobile is designed to work on any device you and your family members may use – computer, tablet, or smartphone. It can be run on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, (Chromebook – coming soon!) so you do not have to choose between a new device and a lack of internet protection! 

Choose Your Plan

Every plan includes:


$ 15
  • 7-Day Free Trial


$ 150
  • 7-Day Free Trial


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Proven and Trusted

Netspark Mobile is built on patented, advanced algorithms developed by Netspark Ltd. over the past thirteen years.

Netspark’s technology is trusted and used across the world:

  1. Individuals and families depend on it for a safer internet experience.
  2. Schools, including 3,000+ schools in Israel, rely on it to shield students from pornography and other negative effects of internet use.
  3. Law enforcement partners with Netspark to detect CSAM (child sexual abuse material) and arrest criminals.
  4. Major UGC (User-Generated Content) platforms utilize Netspark to efficiently and quickly scan user-generated content for inappropriate materials.

Our Partners & Customers

Netspark's technology protects over 2,000,000 daily active users!